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About Jonas Dahlke

Hi! I’m Jonas, a young man with many hats. 

I’m just 23- but that’s the cool part. I’m young, passionate, and on fire. My journey began fresh out of high school when I began unleashing my creative, adventurous soul through my travels. That’s when it all started to fall together. 

I started collaborating with influencers and companies, both locally and abroad. They were entrusting me to create their unique content, to tell the story about their brand. What sets me apart is the energy and enthusiasm behind my work. Whether I’m videographing adventurous moments or freeze stunning moments with my camera, I will do it with love. I live to capture unique moments and to tell a story. That’s the passion that runs through my blood like a fire I can’t put out.

I specialize in creative videography, social media campaigns, commercials, photo editing, creative directing, and adventure photography. What I do best is bringing out content, whether it’s for you as an individual or for your company. When you want that extra something and nothing else will do. I’m more than happy to bring your videos, photography, or content to live. After all, that’s what I do.